Engine Start

New things can be rubbish at first. We need only look at the new iTunes, diet Irn-Bru or first-gen DSG gearboxes for proof of disappointment. I’ve toyed with the idea of blogging for a while and as I’m out of my teens and less likely to be branded a ‘boy racer’, it feels like a good time to start.

Put simply, I love cars and the pleasure that driving brings. Few things please me more than a summer blast in convoy with great mates on deserted roads. My motoring interest runs so deep that I’m the type of guy who, when watching a film, is more interested in working out what car the actors are travelling in than the dialogue. When I was little, my favourite toy was a pedal go-kart I used and abused until the plastic tyres cracked. Not much has changed since then; except my daily driver is now my lowered and OEM+’d VW Polo.

If you’re a fellow motorhead, I’m sure you’ll enjoy this blog. As intros go, I’m not going to litter my posts with promises of the hottest new car stories or incisive reports on where the industry is going. All I can – and will – deliver is my opinion on anything car-related that takes my fancy.

In the meantime, keep exploring. We may be in winter but the roads can still look spectacular.


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