Hello, redline!

It pains me to say it, but there’s a new lady in my life now that my Polo 1.0 has gone. For three years, the Onesie bounced and bobbed its way around town with its ostentatious gold shoes and ridiculous lows. However, a combination of envy (as many of my friends run 6-bangers as dailies) and a touch of boredom left me keen to sell it.
My old Polo 1.0; all show and no go.
With that all done and dusted, I’ve got my new car. I’ve stayed German but opted for rear-drive, and bought a ’03 320i. For early noughties BMWs, you either buy your BMW in a six-cylinder flavour or go home. This thing is brisk, to put it bluntly. After a few months, I found my dream spec – a manual gearbox, Topaz blue saloon with grey leather, parking sensors, cruise control, air con and the optional chrome pack with adorns the side windows and front grille. For someone used to 50bhp, 170bhp is a bit of a shocker. That, coupled with tyres that appear to be made of week-old cheese, means that it’s more skittery than a hamster on crack on anything other than smooth tarmac. 
Despite only having cruised around town, I’m already addicted to that exhaust note. Those acquainted with BMWs of this era will know that they make a lovely, creamy roar that gets better with age. I find myself sitting in traffic blipping the throttle just to hear it; thus reaffirming the perceptions of passers-by that some jakey has borrowed his dad’s Three for the day.
The boot smells like something has died in it. It still has a tape player in the dashboard. I love it completely.
Once it’s been all cleaned up, I’m looking forward to my first B-road drive in it. The days are getting longer and drier so I should be able to show my friend’s mk3 VR6 a clean pair of twin pipes one sunny evening.
In the meantime, when just doodling around town I have this famous little scene constantly looping in my head. Again, that exhaust note. You’ve just got to love BMs of this era because of it:


(It’s worth noting that the day after I got my 320i insured, my brother rocked up in his new purchase – an Individual-spec, Milltek’d ’03 M3. Sibling rivalry is very expensive these days)
Keep on cruising, folks.

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