Are you sitting comfortably?

So, the other day I was sliding a 599 GTB around Laguna Seca in perfect comfort. As I cornered quickly, the side bolsters hugged me tightly into place. My seat was doing a great job in withstanding those lateral Gs.

This was Gran Turismo 5. I was sitting in a fourteen year-old Golf seat in my living room.

Like many drivers, I too play driving games, mainly to help me forget that I could never afford to buy or  run half the cars I own virtually. There comes a point though, where sitting on a leather sofa miles off the ground doesn’t quite convey the impression that you’re bouncing off the limiter through Eau Rouge. Nevertheless, there are a massive range of gaming chairs that you can buy online to give you that ‘authentic racing experience’. Since I am a man possessed of all my mental faculties, I opted not to shell out £200+ on a bucket seat and started scouring the internet and scrapyards for a decent perch.

One of the major plus points is that there’s so much choice out there for all budgets. Alfa Romeo cream leather with embossed Alfa crest on the headrest? Recaro buckets from a ‘Teg? Or weirdly-stained, beigey suede creepiness from a mk1 diesel Focus? Whatever you choose is a great way to reflect what type of cars you’re into. After a bit of searching, I came across these tartan treats on my local forum:

Mk3 Golf GTI 25th Anniversary Edition front seats 

I bought the both of them for £30, and after cutting some carpet to shape, had a seat and base rest sitting in my living room in front of the PS3. As they were removed intact, I have both fully-working height and recline adjustment. The low centre of gravity gives me the perfect view of the TV, and since I don’t have to fumble with a steering wheel, I can move the whole arrangement basically anywhere in the room. The little tray down the side of the seat also serves as a good place to pop my phone, iPod or TV remote too.

Above all, if you choose the right type of seat, you may make some money off of it later. My seats still have their seatbelt clasps intact and can be easily used again in a car. I also got these from the rarer Anniversary Edition, which had the cool GTI-embossed centres and that 90’s colour scheme. If you do your research, your may also have seats that can drop straight into your daily too…

A splash of colour for my old Polo

It’s easy to do, fun to search and surprisingly cheap. Get online or take a trip to your local scrappy and start looking!


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