First Meet of the Year

Spring has finally rolled around and brought with it a relative degree of sunshine and warmth. It was time, then, for my local forum’s first proper meet of the new year. Despite being geared mainly towards VAG cars, EastsideVW has a strong member base of Japanese and other European makes too.

It’s funny how, for those not interested in cars, their perception of a meet is often this:

In reality, though, it’s nowhere near that glamorous. The Scottish version of a meet is a few dozen cars clustered around a corner of a car park which reeks of piss and is more often than not poorly-lit and plagued by the biting cold.

Nevertheless, Andrew and I headed to the meet location – a local shopping centre’s car park- in convoy. His 1998 JDM-import Integra Type-R has one thing in common with my 320i: gloriously noisy natural aspiration. We both melted it up the ramps to the top floor, with the combined exhaust note bouncing off the walls and putting a grin on my face.

The trouble with going to a modified car meet in your completely stock car means that you will get a degree of mod envy. By turning up alongside Andrew’s Type-R, it looked like his dad had come to watch over him for the evening. “It’s gunna be OEM+ in time!”, I meekly protested. I definitely had the highest-riding car there, and it looked like I could crush the slammed G40 parked in front of me.

Seeing a red mk4 Golf TDI slung low on genuine BBS LMs helped to reaffirm just how timeless that wheel is. The great thing about attending a meet is not only checking out other people’s cars, but also getting the knowledge and contacts to sort out stuff on your own project. Whilst it is so easy to keep up to date with build threads over the internet, seeing the developments in person can never be beaten.

Fingers crossed that by the time EastsideVW’s next big meet rolls around, I’ll be a lot lower and have some dishy wheels on…

(N.B. Since last month’s post, I’ve had several of my articles published in my local paper’s motoring supplement, including my defence of modified car drivers in the public eye. One small step is better than nothing)


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