Project Junior Executive

When you think about it, it’s obvious that most mass-produced cars are products born of compromise. Designed to appeal to the widest array of markets and demands, cars leave the dealership with a setup appropriate for most scenarios, yet tailored to none. Suspension configurations cope with city driving and rural back roads, engines deliver a metered balance of power and economy and interiors incorporate the needs of all; from the frail old lady to the lardy middle-aged man.

These ‘global cars’, as I like to call them, have existed for decades. The Golf, the Civic, the Hilux and the Mini have all experienced success on an international scale. To a modifier, the popularity of these chassis presents many opportunities for individualism. Consider, for example, my car: a BMW E46 3 – series. There are a massive array of styles on offer to suit any taste or budget, really. Euro-look/OEM+ (my personal preference) is the trend du jour, but there are plenty other directions that you can take with your car:
This US M3 is a gorgeous lesson in minimalism
A Topaz Blue saloon like my own. Clear elements of the UK Dub scene here (mad lows, aesthetic detail)

Standard, for now…
Now it’s time for me to stop browsing parts and start buying them. In a few weeks’ time I’ll be skint, but happy.

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