Project Junior Executive gets promoted!

At last, I’ve managed to turn mere words and wishes into material results.

At the start of September, I found myself polishing the dishes and spokes of my new set of LM reps with Poorboy’s Wheel Sealant. After three hours, I had four very clean and smooth wheels sparkling in the midday sun. If you’ve never used this bubblegumesque, pink uber-sealant, I suggest you try it. It will leave you stroking your smooth, protected wheels like some mentalist who has mistaken their wheels for the family tabby.
No longer would my toes be assaulted every morning by the large, Eibach-branded box in my bedroom, either. After weeks of arrangement, the timing was mutually convenient for myself and a friend off of to give my comfy old boat a bit of altitude adjustment. Defying all accepted modifying logic, the project I had intended to have sorted by June actually begun at the end of summer, where mouldy leaves and damp weather prove to be less-than-perfect for your new wheels. Nevertheless, the result was more than worth the four hours, seized bolts and snapped rear anti-roll bar drop link that we encountered on the way.
Let me present to you one very understated, yet effective 320i SE:
BBS - Eibach - BMW - E46 - 320i |
No longer such an old man’s car!

Swapping out the frankly huge standard springs for my Eibach Pros has brought the car down by approximately 40mm front and rear, leaving the 18x8J BBS LMs reps to fill out the arches so well that they’re not really any need for spacers. If I was to use one word to describe the Topazblau beast’s new look, it would be ‘assured’. It’s not shouty; because it doesn’t need to be. This isn’t an Impreza, or even a range-topping model. The wheel and spring combo is a path well-trodden by BMW modders. Despite staying safely in the realm of ‘simple’ modifications, it just looks undeniably right. 
BBS - Eibach - BMW - E46 - 320i |

The car’s wider track is immediately noticeable, especially at speed. In the 300-mile motorway cruise and backroad hoons that I’ve thrown the car’s way since being lowered, the Three has kept its composed character and added a layer of intent to cornering, too.

Body roll has definitely been surpressed, and the jet-ski like dip that accompanied every press of the throttle has been virtually eliminated. If the rears do begin to break traction, it never feels less than malleable. Everything has been tautened, but not to the degree that you’re winded every time you drive over a catseye.

BBS - Eibach - BMW - E46 - 320i |
Even those who are clueless about cars have complemented the car’s new-found aggressive stance (‘stance’, of course, being lost on those who think an Auris is a perfectly reasonable car). I’m very glad I didn’t buy LMs with dark spokes, as it’s clear to see that the silver and chrome play off each other well. Shame my exhaust tips have more pits on them than the Moon.
Regular readers, and those who know me personally, will note that my blog will now be publicised in the form of these stickers which I had custom-made earlier this year:

BBS - Eibach - BMW - E46 - 320i |
I’m man enough to rock pink without hating
So what’s next for the old girl? Well, with six new spark plugs installed today, things are looking good. A few audio and interior-related upgrades are planned, as well as a new water pump to replace my ageing, crusty rattlebox.
Nothing impresses people more than a new water pump, eh. 
I managed to snag a short photoshoot with my brother’s Individual-spec M3. Loudly Milltek’d, heart-wrenchingly desireable and sporting more cream leather than a DFS catalogue, his car clearly was the athletic sister compared to my classy yet still-sensible 320i. Since this evening, I’ve had daydreams about S54ing an E46 ‘loon…

BBS - Eibach - BMW - E46 - 320i - M3 |
Why couldn’t the saloon get LEDs too?
BBS - Eibach - BMW - E46 - 320i - M3 |

BBS - Eibach - BMW - E46 - 320i - M3 |
Knowing that you’ve made it, circa. 2003

BBS - Eibach - BMW - E46 - 320i - M3 |
BBS - Eibach - BMW - E46 - 320i - M3 |
The sisters together
BBS - Eibach - BMW - E46 - 320i - M3 |

BBS - Eibach - BMW - E46 - 320i - M3 |
My favourite of the evening
BBS - Eibach - BMW - E46 - 320i - M3 |
As with any near-100k car, there’s still other things to keep me busy. Now that the suspension and wheels are sorted, I’m happy that such a breakthrough has been made. With a feature by a local paper’s motoring supplement looming on the horizon, things are looking promising for the blue Beemer. I’ll keep you all in the loop.

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