Winter’s around the S-bend

I hope you like the redesign, folks. Much like any project, it doesn’t hurt to tweak and fiddle with things when you’re a little bored of them. Unless, of course, you break them.

This month, I’ve mainly been preparing for the impending doom that is winter. It’s always with a sense of disappointment that I begrudgingly fit my winter tyres to the car, as despite now having the ability to actually move in a straight line on ice, the car has lost a bit of its aggression with them on. Why remove your summer wheels in early November, you may ask? Well, a late-night jaunt down some B-roads last Monday showed me that the frost is definitely in effect and that my old, sedate cruiser needs little provocation to go sideways on her 18s. This is most irksome when you’re trying to get home/hold a conversation with a passenger/not die.

Anyway, now that winter’s here, I can’t see myself driving as much, at least until the snow kicks in. No petrolhead needs me to explain the reason why, eh? Other from making squiggles in the snow, who’s going to bother to defrost their car for a hoon when everything is so cold that even your gearbox oil feels like treacle? It’s time to rediscover Gran Turismo, I think. Nevertheless, in the cold air the BM has found her loud, six-banger voice. It’s a cosy place to be in traffic and the reassuring throb of the 2.2 in the nose keeps convincing me that it’s worth throwing fuel money at.

For my birthday, I was recently gifted a supercar trackday experience at Crail Raceway. I won’t be blatting round the runways until 2014, but you can expect a report on my experience when I do. The list of cars available is simply stunning, with the option to drive an F430, Gallardo Spyder, R8 4.2, 997 911 Turbo and (emerging from left-field in what I imagine would be a haze of tire smoke and axle tramp), a tuned Mustang. The thought of blasting someone else’s supercar around a track for an afternoon is making me drool all over my keyboard. Here’s hoping that my socks will be blown clean off by the Ferrari especially.

For now, I’ll leave you with a picture that I think summarises the appeal of old, comfy, inexpensive and uneconomical barges perfectly:

Stay warm and save your summer rims from the salt!

BMW - E34 - Funny |


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