2014: The Road Ahead

I’m sure that most of you, like myself, are beginning to see the festive period as a rapidly-receding memory. My thoughts have turned away from the celebrations of December and have focused upon the gradual retreat of all-enveloping darkness – with each day’s sunlight lasting just a few minutes more than the day before’s.

To put it mildly, I cannot wait for spring to arrive. Whilst the short days give me plenty opportunity to show off my newly-installed CCFL Angel Eyes, the generally dull conditions don’t inspire much motivation for a spirited drive. Nevertheless, the whitey-blue, eerie tinge of the sidelights does say ‘move over’ to dawdlers sitting in the fast lane better than the normal lights ever could. In addition to this, I now have a box full of new products from local detailing house Polished Bliss, which I’ll be trying on the Topazblau 320i in order to repair the damage caused by salt and grime over the winter. I’ll be covering the results later in the year, so keep checking back.
What else is in store for the year ahead? I have some simple mods and maintenance planned for the BMW, as well as – time permitting – an almighty Eurotrip to the 2014 Belgian Grand Prix this summer, taking in the Nurburgring too. I’ll definitely be replacing the car’s valve cover gasket (brittle due to old age) and I’m looking at adding a K&N cone filter and heatshield in order to amplify the gruff note of the Big Six. Let’s not forget my supercar trackday experience, which I’ll also be covering for motormessenger. Add into that a multitude of car shows, meets and hoons, and I should have plenty enough to keep me typing.
2013 was no doubt a great starting year for this little blog, and despite being a very niche interest, I’ve amassed over 1,000 page views since I started it little over a year ago. For that, I thank you for taking the time to read and keep up to date with my motorised ramblings. This year, I’m certain that you’ll hear my views on an even more diverse range of issues affecting the contemporary motoring enthusiast.
For now, since it’s not snowing, make sure you take the long way home.

Scotland - BMW - Angel Eyes - CCFL - Corona Rings | www.motormessenger.co.uk
Even wiring the Angel Eyes in was a doddle


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