Bugattis and bacon rolls: GT Scotland’s first meet of 2015

Politicians, rappers and footballers crave it, but few entities naturally exude it. It’s an attribute precipitated by reputation and rumour, but one which can be lost in the cold light of reality.

That attribute is presence.

The bright orange wheels and carbonfibre skirt delicately threaded themselves past the deep pothole on the road as the engine hummed thirstily. Even crawling at less than a tenth of its top speed, the sixteen cylinders and four turbochargers have an insatiable appetite for air and fuel.

Motormessenger | Veyron | Bugatti

A Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse World Record Car Edition, one of only eight ever made, took pride of place outside the entrance to the Treehouse Cafe, with full-downforce mode engaged and its wild dimensions complementing the varied mix of coupes, saloons, roadsters and GTs on offer.

Motormessenger | Veyron | BugattiMotormessenger | Veyron | Bugatti

GT Scotland‘s inaugural meet of 2015 gained a steroidal shot of purpose in the thirty seconds that it took the Veyron Vitesse to claim a patch in the car park.

It’s testament to the diverse car culture thriving in the North-east of Scotland that the car park resembled the automotive equivalent of Hamley’s. American, Italian, Japanese, German, British and French brands were all represented, with the car park echoing to the sound of in-line 4s, flat sixes, V8s, V10s and V12s in both turbocharged and naturally-aspirated guise.

The plastic odour of white-cupped coffee mingled with the smell of carbon-ceramic brakes and the acrid tinge of clutch plates.

Motormessenger | Scotland | Aberdeen | Audi | BMW

Audi R8s shared parking bays with various incarnations of two-and-four-wheel drive 911s, while a 15-plated BMW i8 showed us the jarringly-silent future. A Lamborghini Murcielago LP-640 made a theatrically loud entrance and was soon followed by another fan’s Ferrari F50. Knight Rider’s K.I.T.T. even made an appearance and track enthusiasts were catered for by a Series 1 Lotus Exige and Spartan-looking 2-Eleven.

Motormessenger | Ferrari | F50 | Aberdeen | ScotlandMotormessenger | Scotland | Aberdeen | Lotus | 2-ElevenMotormessenger | Scotland | Aberdeen | Lamborghini | Murcielago

Motormessenger spoke to Ian, the owner of the Veyron and a self-professed motorhead, who shared his views on the day’s action and supercars in general:

“It’s been a cracking day with a great turnout. It’s the only car I own that’s superbike fast, but there’s not much noise other than that of the turbos. I’ll have to get the roof off at the next meet!

“I like that Lamborghini [the LP-640] but I don’t think it’s as suitable for an older age bracket as the Veyron. Aberdeen itself has great cars for younger lads to buy, own and enjoy. You just don’t see anything like this outside of London normally.”

The sole entry and exit point for the meet location, the Treehouse cafe of Midmar, soon became a spotter’s paradise as several 911 Turbos, GT-Rs and C63s flung themselves at the horizon on exit. Like some form of grassroots Santa Pod, manuals and paddleshifts were called into service as the Mexican wave of shutter clicks travelled in the same outwards direction as each pilot.

Motormessenger | Ferrari | 458 | Aberdeen | Scotland Motormessenger | Porsche | 911 | Aberdeen | Scotland Motormessenger | Nissan | Skyline | Aberdeen | Scotland Motormessenger | Scotland | Aberdeen | Lotus | Exige Motormessenger | Scotland | Aberdeen | Lamborghini Motormessenger | Scotland | Aberdeen | BMW | Alpina | Audi | RS6 | B10 Motormessenger | Scotland | Aberdeen | BMW | i8  Motormessenger | Scotland | Aberdeen | BMW | M4 Motormessenger | Scotland | Aberdeen | Bugatti | Veyron | Vitesse Motormessenger | Scotland | Aberdeen | Ferrari | F50 Motormessenger | Scotland | Aberdeen Motormessenger | Scotland | Aberdeen | Ferrari | Audi | F50 | R8 Motormessenger | Scotland | Aberdeen | Porsche | Cayman R | BMW | i8   Motormessenger | Scotland | Aberdeen | Nissan | Skyline | R34


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