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Supercars in the sunshine

GT Scotland’s June Supercar Breakfast brings in huge crowds. Understandable, really, when a P1 and Veyron Vitesse are in attendance.

Even wearing a coat of road dirt and bugs earned from a hard drive, the 997-era Porsche 911 GT3 is a future classic. Well-proportioned, well-built and blessed with extraordinary agility, the white 997.2 GT3 before me is a formidable driving experience even today.

Sitting a few cars along from the GT3 is the bespoilered RS variant, with its wider rear track and deeper front splitter one of the few exterior hints at the car’s increased performance. It’s a rare model in Scotland, and its metallic paint sparkles in contrast to the grubby GT3’s.

Somewhere in this crowd, however, is a Porsche owner that has effortlessly upstaged the others.

Towards the end of the same row sits a black 997.2 GT3 RS 4.0. The ultra-scarce Rennsport model uses a bored-out version of the Mezger flat-six and borrows most of its aero and engine parts from the track-only RSR. Adding to the rarity are the Porsche Centre Oman registration plate frames and Arabic inscription on the passenger mirror glass, which hint at the 911’s original Middle Eastern home.

Porsche | 997 | 911 GT3 RS 4.0 | Motormessenger | Scotland | GT Scotland | Aberdeen | Treehouse

Scotland | GT Scotland | Aberdeen | Treehouse | Arabic | Oman | Porsche 911 | 997 | GT3 RS 4.0

Scotland | GT Scotland | Aberdeen | Treehouse | Porsche | GT3 | Lamborghini | Diablo  | Motormessenger

Crowd-pleasing one-upmanship and spectacular automobiles are fast becoming defining characteristics of GT Scotland’s Supercar Breakfasts. Away from the rear-engined rivalry, a Cerulean Blue McLaren P1 and carbon-bodied Bugatti Veyron Vitesse are also present, drawing large crowds throughout the morning.

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Held at Aberdeenshire’s Treehouse café in Midmar on a Sunday in June, the venue was nearly at capacity thanks to the beautiful weather and variety of cars on offer.

Aberdeenshire’s diverse taste in performance cars can be seen in microcosmic form at the Treehouse. Where else in Scotland would you see an Alfa Romeo RZ, Shelby GT350, Porsche 968 Club Sport, Lamborghini Diablo and TVR Tuscan all in one place?

Scotland | GT Scotland | Aberdeen | Treehouse | Shelby | GT350 | Lamborghini | Huracan | Motormessenger

I catch Suzanne Gardiner, owner of the Treehouse Café, admiring the imposing Diablo sharing tarmac space with the diminutive Alfa Romeo 4C. She shares her thoughts on the day:

‘It’s a short event, which is all over by 12, but it’s getting so big we do not know where we will put the cars!

‘We hardly run any other car events but this is very much a ‘men looking at cars’ event. I think we’ve been popular because of the great roads here and the large car park.’

She turns back to the Diablo behind us.

‘My top two cars of today would be the black Diablo… or maybe the Veyron.’

Graeme Wight is the fortunate man driving the wide-hipped Lamborghini. The timeless wedge shape is surrounded by admiring eyes all morning.

Scotland | GT Scotland | Aberdeen | Treehouse | Lamborghini | Diablo | Motormessenger

Picture courtesy of GT Scotland/Pete W Photography

‘I used to own an NSX before the Lamborghini, but sold it and went without a toy for years. I wanted to buy a Murciélago but I came across this specification and loved it.

‘I saw it advertised and my son and I went to buy it while my wife was on holiday.

He pauses, before adding: ‘The NSX was a shopping car; the Diablo’s definitely not an ASDA car!’

By now it’s mid-morning and the cars and crowds are arriving thick and fast. A gaggle of GT-Rs dominate the far corner of the car park, while a row of M3s, C63s and RS models represent the German supersaloons that Aberdeen is so fond of.

Scotland | GT Scotland | Aberdeen | Treehouse | Audi | Lotus | BMW | Motormessenger Scotland | GT Scotland | Aberdeen | Treehouse | 968 Club Sport | CS | Porsche | 968 | Motormessenger

Scotland | GT Scotland | Aberdeen | Treehouse | Nissan | R35 | GT-R

Seasoned in between all this are Italian GTs, light British sports cars and more than a few McLarens, with a C6-generation Corvette Z06 reminding me that the 24 Heures du Mans begins in only a few hours.

R34 WAR, an all-black R34 Skyline GT-R with several NISMO-branded parts, seems to look just as intimidating as the one-of-eight Veyron Vitesse sitting offside it.

Scotland | GT Scotland | Aberdeen | Treehouse | Nissan | R34 | GT-R | Skyline | Motormessenger

Hot food and drinks are provided by the Treehouse staff, though with the warm sun on our backs, a cup of coffee isn’t as essential as it was at the previous meet in March.

With Speedfest 2015 only a few weeks away at Grampian Transport Museum, this turnout will hopefully be indicative of things to come at the North-east’s biggest supercar show.

I catch up with the self-professed petrolhead owner of the white 997.2 GT3 caked in brake dust and flies. How does he feel about the gleaming sister 911s beside him?

‘I’m not one for cleaning cars; the GT3 was made to be driven’


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