Keeping pace

Speed, as they say, is all relative.

I’m nearly half a year into M3 ownership, and in that time I’ve driven it in all weathers and all conditions – from stop-start city congestion to vacant Scottish mountainsides.

Even after all this time behind the wheel, it’s still breathtakingly fast and demanding of your full concentration, and that’s something that tends to win over even my most disinterested non-petrolhead friends.

Recently though, I came across something an M3 couldn’t outrun – one of Aberdeen’s very own Ferrari Enzos.

Taking a Sunday drive with some friends of supercar culture club GT Scotland, we ventured out in convoy, with the Italian hypercar accompanied by two 2000s affordable heroes; my M3 and a 2004 Renaultsport Clio 182.



While my M3 has depreciated substantially since 2002, this hasn’t.

I’d come across this particular car before, though this time was the first time I’d be out in convoy with it in anger.

As you can imagine, the Enzo didn’t even break a sweat in order to eke out a measurable distance from the remaining performance pair. The shriek coming from its four Quicksilver pipes was audible on every downshift, even with the music on and the windows closed in my own car.

Leaning onto the brakes into every corner, the M3’s diff could be felt pulling the car on line with every press of the pedal as I tried to re-engage the Ferrari.

As we were all enjoying the Scottish sunshine of the afternoon, I was reminded of the real reason that these cars are fun, as all three were built to show off fantastic chassis dynamics rather than just warp the road with their speed.

This was especially true of the lithe Clio, which just scooted round every corner with aplomb in the hands of my friend. This was especially evident only a few weeks later when I got a passenger ride in another local 182 – with the darty steering and sublime chassis dynamics something well worth raving about.

I’ll be putting summer tyres onto my M3’s CSL wheels as spring is now underway. After all, I’ve got to at least attempt to keep up with the Enzo next time…


The closest you’ll get to the back of the Enzo’s 660bhp V12.



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