Back in black: The M3 returns to the road

After bidding a fond farewell to the Bismarck, Motormessenger finally got round to rousing the M3 from its winter slumber…

I definitely did not leave the handbrake on when I parked up in October. So why is the wheel sticking? 

I thought I was doing the responsible thing by storing the M3 away from the salt and slush of a Scottish winter. Tucked up in gear beside my Dad’s baby-blue ’73 DSuper5, the M3 was delicately positioned between a stone wall and the crumbling Frenchman for five or so months and covered with soft sheets.

Bathtime for the M3

Now, with my O/S/R wheel sticking, that tight positioning didn’t seem like such a great idea as I rocked the car back and forth to loosen the pad from the disc.

After a quick jacking-up, it was off with the wheel and the limpet-like grip was soon relieved by swift knocks to the hub with a rubber mallet.

Out she rolled into a bright morning, water vapour rising from the four stubby pipes at the rear. It started first time, too.

So the M3 is back to it’s loud, rear-driven ways. But for how long? 


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